1. Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Quagmire, and Herbert the Pervert TROLL a Kid in Minecraft!!! [Black Ops 2 Parody!!!!111!!!!]

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  2. Name three characters you think of when you think of me.

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  3. happy birthday weed

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  4. It’s actually kinda cool that the person/people working the Divekick twitter page responded to me. 

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  5. brook:


    describe your genitalia with the name of a jojo stand


    i think i just puked myself laughing

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  6. queenofthebaras:

    people on tumblr r so sensitive they all be like


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  7. oh hey, theres the same picture 500 fucking times. “OH EM GEE YOU HAVE TO SEE/DO/HEAR/FUCK THE THING!!!”

    like really this used to be kinda fun but now its just annoying as all fuck

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  8. i swear everytime i get on this website it just makes me pissed off

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